Ovation Gear Performance Bag

  • $220.00
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 Product Features:

  • Gray interior so you can easily see what is stored inside
  • Sturdy 59" tall rack system to securely hold your costumes
  • Hanger hooks in the interior to keep everything neat during transport
  • Collapsible design for easy storage in the "off storage"
  • Trolley bag design with sturdy handle & wheels for easy travel
  • Insulated pocket to keep snacks handy
  • Roomier interior pockets for better storage
  • Dual USB ports keep you charged on the go

Medium Bag Measures: 27"x17"x14" – rack height 58.5″ tall (holds up to 10 costumes)

Large Bag Measures: 31.5"×17"×14" – rack height 59″ tall (holds up to 15 costumes)


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